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Make revenue management meaningful for your hotel's entire team.

Online and in-person courses teaching revenue-management fundamentals to help your team be more profitable and effective.


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teamwork across departments


staff buy-in for revenue management

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Moving from silos to collaboration takes work.

Now that the hotel industry has moved away from siloed departments, you expect your team to work together. But that’s impossible when your sales or front-desk associates don’t understand your selling strategy.

Often, team members outside of the revenue-management department feel mystified by the hotel’s pricing and availability decisions. And that’s holding your hotel back.

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Get the entire team on the same page.

Learn the meaning behind the numbers (skip the math!)

Worried you have to learn complex equations to understand revenue management? We developed these courses specifically to teach everyone–including team members who find spreadsheets or statistics daunting.

Learn on your schedule at your own pace.

We offer onsite consulting around the world, customized live courses provided in a virtual classroom, and prerecorded on-demand classes. Our clients are diverse. Our learning options are, too.

Learn to speak the same language.

These courses will help unify your team. Your associates, managers, and directors will work together better when they understand the rules guiding pricing and availability decisions.


Pick the courses that fit your needs.

Department Heads and Directors

Learn how to develop your strategies to align with revenue-management goals. 

Select a Course

Revenue Management 101
Conducting a Price-Value Analysis

Sales, Marketing, and Event Management

See immediate results when you connect your work to the revenue-management principles underpinning your hotel’s strategies.

Select a Course

Managers and Front-Office Teams

Learn how your actions impact your hotel's performance and have the tools to make more profitable decisions.

Select a Course

Revenue Management 101
Conducting a Price-Value Analysis

Vendors and Partners

Better understand your hotel partners' goals and challenges, and you’ll be able to offer them better products and solutions.

Select a Course

Prospective Revenue Managers

Considering a move into revenue-management? Learn everything you need to be successful in your role.

Select a Course

Not sure which course to start with?

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portrait of lynn zwibak

Lynn Zwibak
Founder & Professor

A good teacher can change everything.

Our founder, Lynn Zwibak, is on a mission to educate the hospitality industry on revenue management.

Lynn started in hotel group sales before transitioning to revenue management and training.  She’s seen the struggle that inevitably surfaces when departments, especially sales, event management, and front office, don't understand a hotel’s revenue-management strategies.

Lynn is on a mission to eliminate this struggle. She’s now a university professor and educator who turns complicated concepts into easy-to-understand lessons, bringing her infectious energy and passion for revenue management into the classroom.  She consistently inspires students to pursue careers in revenue management.

She’s taught on three continents, including lecturing at Temple University, Virginia Tech, and in the Philippines. Her global perspective, industry experience, and heart for teaching make her the ideal revenue-management instructor for non-revenue managers.

Zwibak  [ zwī-back ]


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"With infectious energy and a passion for teaching, Lynn has a unique ability to translate technical concepts for any skill level."

-Former Students

Get started today.

  1. Pick your course.

  2. Pick the learning option best fitting your needs.

  3. Celebrate your team’s new revenue-management confidence and collaborations.

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“Lynn has been great for our team in Kenya! With her help, we brought more dynamic selling strategies to the hotels, and now the entire team understands the importance of this! We even customized all our reporting to suit our needs better!"

Arjaa M. Shah, Deputy Corporate General Manager

Tribe Hotel & Trademark Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

  • Why take a course in revenue management?
    Find yourself in conflict with your hotel's revenue-management team often? Want to understand why they make the decisions they do? Are you a vendor who wants better insights into the processes and challenges of your hotel partners? Learning the concepts and techniques used by revenue management will improve your collaborations across every part of the hotel. This means you’ll be able to work better together and see greater results.
Business Woman

Choose your training option.

We know everyone has a different learning style, budget, team dynamics, and goals. We offer different training options to make sure you and your team have everything you need to succeed.

  • Consulting tailored to your hotel’s team and location

  • Customized courses

  • Live virtual classrooms

  • On-demand online courses

How does your hotel compare to the competition?

Find out how your rates and availability measure against your regional competition and you’ll be able to adjust your prices appropriately. Download our proprietary Price Value Analysis Tool today.

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Tired of your staff complaining about only hearing "No!" from revenue management?

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