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CRMA Study Guide
Study Guide

Build your revenue management skills

with the Certified Revenue Management Certification

The CRMA helps you stand out from the crowd.


When you’ve earned the CRMA designation, employers will know you understand the intricacies of revenue management. Your certification tells people that you’ve mastered the basics and are versed in the many ways hotels can maximize their profits. This study guide prepares you to take and pass the 50-question exam.

Who’s this study guide best for?

  • Vendors and Partners

  • Prospective Revenue Managers

  • Hospitality Students

Study Guide Goals

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Revenue management fundamentals

  • Accounting and microeconomics basics

  • Pricing and forecasting concepts and practices

  • Groups and contract business

  • Inventory and price management

  • Distribution channels

  • Measuring performance

The study guide is the ultimate resource for mastering the foundations of revenue management. 


Written by revenue management expert and professor Lynn Zwibak, CRME, the self-study guide is all you need to get started learning revenue management. 

Get your certification here.

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The 112-page Guide covers all topics that will be tested on the exam, including:

  • What is Revenue Management?

  • Key Revenue Management Metrics: Occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR

  • Pricing, Inventory Management, and Forecasting

  • Group and Contract Business

  • Performance Measurement

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lynn zwibak

Written by industry leader and academic expert Lynn Zwibak


So you know you'll get the most current and accurate insights into how hotels are leveraging revenue management today, and what the future holds.

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Customize This Course

In-person or virtual 

Half-day training

Live Virtual Classroom

Two 1.5 hour sessions
Office hours

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Distinguish yourself from the competition.

With the CRMA designation, you will show employers that you are serious about revenue management and committed to your professional growth.  Whether you are interested in a career in revenue management or another hospitality discipline, the knowledge you will gain preparing for the exam will give you a competitive edge in today's job market.

What students have to say...

For starting your hospitality career

I found this content and reading to be SUPER NICE! It is PERFECT for a student in college studying hospitality, a front desk person, a new-hire into the sales/catering office, a reservations person or call center person who wants to learn revenue, or even a new-hire IN revenue.

Certification Student
For growing your hospitality career

I really enjoyed the writing style of the CRMA study guide. This certification is a very useful process for anyone with an interest in front office operations or revenue optimization OR for someone who is in sales and marketing and just used to "selling" and not seeing the other side of the coin.  The writer is fantastic. It's smooth!!

Director, Hospitality & Tourism Management
Florida Atlantic University

Why choose Zwibak?

Our courses make it easy for people who hate math to learn revenue management and apply that knowledge to their jobs.

Hotels of all sizes and types from around the world count on Zwibak Revenue Management to help their teams succeed. We know the hotel industry and how to teach complex concepts quickly, easily, and practically.

Enroll today and take the first step in maximizing your hotel's revenue. With small class sizes and an expert instructor, we're confident that you'll achieve your revenue goals with Zwibak.

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