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You can succeed in revenue management.

We turn complicated revenue-management concepts into easy-to-understand lessons, giving you the skills you need to succeed.


You can count on us.

It’s simple to see more profits and more collaboration at your hotel when you learn from:

  • A hotel and revenue-management veteran.

  • An experienced, caring teacher.

  • A culturally aware global citizen.

We know what it’s like.

Lynn Zwibak heads up our team. After 20 years in the hotel industry, she has seen countless conflicts arise between the revenue management team and everyone else. She knows these conflicts were preventable and that they made everyone’s job harder and less profitable.

She founded Zwibak Revenue Management to help non-revenue management staff learn what’s behind the strategies that impact everyone at the hotel.


We want to help you succeed.

Our courses make it easy for people who aren’t numbers people to learn revenue management and apply that knowledge to their jobs.

We’re able to do that because our team of industry experts understands the challenges and opportunities facing hotels today. Then, we combine that industry-insider knowledge with a passion for teaching.

That’s why boutique and big-chain hotels around the world turn to Zwibak Revenue Management to help their teams succeed. We know the hotel industry and how to teach complex concepts quickly, easily, and practically.


Get started today.

  1. Pick your course.

  2. Pick the learning option best fitting your needs.

  3. Celebrate your team’s new revenue-management confidence and collaborations.

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lynn zwibak

Lynn Zwibak
Founder & Professor

Zwibak  [ zwī-back ]


  1. revenue management expert

  2. professional teacher

  3. rhymes with tie-back

We have the credentials that count.

How well does Lynn Zwibak know revenue management? She wrote the book on it.

Our founder authored the study guide HMSAI provides to students and professionals seeking Certified Revenue Management Analyst certification.

In addition to educating hospitality professionals, she's been teaching graduate students of hospitality and tourism management at Virginia Tech since 2015. She also served as a visiting professor at Temple University and Lyceum of the Philippines University. 

She’s held leadership roles with Marriott International, Hilton Hotels, and Crestline Hotels and Resorts. She’s worked at several independent hotels in the U.S., Africa, Asia, and the African OTA, Jumia Travel. Her experience spans group sales, reservations, revenue management, staff training, data analytics, and process improvement.

Thanks to her extensive experience and heart for teaching, she’s able to train all hotel staff effectively on revenue-management concepts.

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Students enjoy Lynn's classes and lectures because she includes practical examples and case studies in every lesson.

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Proudly Serving Hotel Teams Around the World

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