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Hotel Revenue Management Training for Non-Revenue Managers

Maximize Revenue, Market Share
and Collaboration

As the hotel industry moves away from silos toward a cohesive commercial strategy, it is more important than ever that all team members and partners understand the driving principles behind Revenue Management.


Our uniquely designed courses speak in a language that resonates with non-Revenue Managers. You will learn how to maximize your working relationship with your Revenue Management team or hotel partners, yielding more revenue and market share, and increasing collaboration between various hotel departments and stakeholders. 


Why Learn Revenue Management?

Do you often find yourself in conflict with your hotel's Revenue Management team? Would you like to understand why they make the decisions they do?  Are you a vendor who would like to gain insight into the thought processes and challenges of your hotel partners?

Learning the concepts and techniques used by Revenue Management will enable you to speak their language, improving your collaboration and allowing you to work together for optimal results. 

Who Are These Courses For?

Department Heads

Understand how to develop your department's strategy to support your hotel's overarching revenue goals.

Managers and
Front-Line Staff

Learn how your actions impact your hotel's performance and gain the tools to make more profitable decisions.

Prospective Revenue Managers

If you are considering a move into Revenue Management, these courses will set you up for success.

Vendors and Partners

Increase your understanding of your hotel partners' goals and challenges so that you can offer better products and solutions.


We will work with you to customize our courses or develop new ones based on your team's needs.

Training is available in a variety of formats:


Virtual Classroom



Our Courses


Revenue Management 101

An introductory course covering the basic concepts of Revenue Management.


How to Read STAR© Reports

We explain the key metrics of the Weekly and Monthly STAR© reports and how to interpret the data.


Revenue Management

for Sales

Targeted specifically for Sales professionals, this course teaches you how to effectively work with your Revenue Management partners.


Group Forecasting

For Event, Conference, or Sales Managers and anyone responsible for managing group blocks, this course teaches you how to forecast them with confidence.  


Conducting a Price-Value Analysis

Learn how to use our proprietary tool to determine your ideal price, given your customers' perception of value and your position in your market.


Evaluating Group Business

Book more lucrative business by learning the process and criteria that Revenue Managers use to evaluate group opportunities.

A Message From Our Founder

During more than 20 years of hospitality experience, I have witnessed the ongoing struggle between Revenue Management and other hotel departments, especially Sales and Front Office. I believe this struggle is rooted in a lack of understanding of the other side's field, resulting from a shortage of interdisciplinary training. My mission is to change that.

While I have spent the last 15 years in Revenue Management, I began my career in Group Sales and have managed a Reservations team. I am familiar with the thought processes and motivations that drive these disciplines, giving me unique insights into how to train them effectively on Revenue Management concepts.  And as an adjunct professor in the graduate school at Virginia Tech, I understand how adults learn and structure my training  for maximum impact.


Arjaa M. Shah

Deputy Corporate General Manager, Tribe Hotel & Trademark Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

"Lynn has been great, bringing professional and international training experience to our team in Kenya! Having used basic revenue management tactics - we have managed to bring more dynamic selling strategies to the hotels, and have the entire team understand the importance of this! We even managed to customize all our reporting to suit our needs better! All in all a great experience."

Parker Henderson

Virginia Tech MSBA ’20, Brand Director, Embassy Suites

"Lynn Zwibak …was able to take my baseline knowledge of the subject (revenue management) and escalate that. I was impressed with the level of effort that she put into the class – pre-recording lessons and personalizing content for the students. She hosted the class in an online format and seamlessly used the available technology. My favorite part was how she brought her work experience with Hilton and Marriott into the discussions – that real-world knowledge keeps the content current and so relevant for the students. After that class, my passion for the content continued to grow and I went on to obtain a Certification in Hospitality Industry Analytics.” 

Kelly Glardon

Virginia Tech MSBA ‘23

"I was a graduate student of Lynn's at Virginia Tech. Her class introduced me to revenue management in the hospitality world where I developed a strong interest in the subject. Lynn's knowledge of revenue management is vast and her way of educating us as students truly helped us to complete the course with a plethora of knowledge and real world experiences. I was inspired to continue with my interest in revenue management with Lynn as my mentor. She is a fantastic resource."

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